Chapter 13 ap gov essays
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Chapter 13 ap gov essays

Chapter 13 ap gov essays

Chapter 13 ap gov essays

Confederation, constitutional arrangement in which sovereign nations or states, by pact, create a central government but carefully limit its power and do not give it direct authority over individuals. Express powers, powers the Constitution specifically grants to one of the branches of the national government. Ive federalism, views the national government, 50 states, and thousands of local governments as peting with each other over ways to put together packages of services and taxes. Apies the analogy of the marketace: we have some choice about which state and city we want to use, just as we have choices about what kind of telephone service we use. Full faith and credit clause, clause in the Constitution (Article 4, Section 1) requiring each state to recognize the civil judgments rendered by the courts of the other states and to accept their public records and acts as valid.

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