Essay on brazil
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Essay on brazil

Essay on brazil

Essay on brazil

Most young Catholic priests and many bishops are "progressives." They believe that society should be more like Christ himself wanted it to be. The great injustices that exist in Brazil have made many Catholic priests and bishops ally themselves with the poor. The average Brazilian has a fascinating family tree which may lude a Portuguese great-grandfather, a native Indian grandmother, a slave grandfather, a German father, and so on. Family ties are strong in Brazil. Homes for the poor are shacks of card and corrugated iron, furnished with the barest essentials and mostly without water, light, or sanitation. The extreme poverty in the urban slums, the high unemoyment, and the reasing numbers leaving rural areas for the cities have led to serious problems.

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Essay on Brazil s History and Physical Geography

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They were used as slaves, and many thousands died from diseases brought by the Europeans. Recently Amerindians have been exoited and killed as land speculators and highways go farther into the rain forest.


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Brazil became an independent country in 1822 when Dom Pedro I was crowned emperor. His son, Dom Pedro II, introduced many reforms. When Dom Pedro II passed the "Golden Law" to abolish slavery, the wealthy landowners became angry. Of these, fewer than half went on to some form of higher education. Children have to pass examinations every year. If they don't get good enough grades at the end of the year, they have to repeat the whole year over again.