Silk road essays
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Silk road essays

Silk road essays

Silk road essays

Asian modities were traded with European merchants along the road and vice versa. Asias economy, such as that of China specifically, remained heavily reliant on the money from silk road trade, irregardless of the origin or type of goods that fueled such. Once exposed to Asian spices, fabrics, etc., Europeans became reasingly icted to their newfound luxuries. This, in ition to Europe having the same effect on Asia, gradually shaped both cultures. Because of the numerous political changes that took ace during this expanse of time, the route travelled by silk road merchants passed through new nations formed at the collapse of the Roman Empire.

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This, in turn, shaped the identities of itional nations/cultures along the path of the silk road. Overall, the silk roads basic purpose remained intact from 200 B.C.E. To 1450 C.E., but the specific patterns of inters that occurred along it did not. essay rubic for grading, education teaching english papers.

While the silk road originally began on a small scale as a sime route of transport for Eurasian merchants, it later grew into an international necessity, not only economically, but culturally as well.


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